Intra Net DNS Leakage

An intranet is a company's internal network, intra or inside the
boundaries of the company. Intranets are not
intended to be accessible or visible from the outside except 
via special access. These private networks are
    for business; these are not public accessible.  Even regular checking
    account holders of Alfa Bank don't get access.  Such networks run off a
    green list or white list of approved parties.  DNS leakage does occur occasionally between
a company internal network and the Internet, especially during 
times of errors and configuration because of human factors. 

Here we see clear indication that the Moscow division of the INTERNAL 
Alfa Bank network most definitely has purposeful communications 
with a hostname registered by the Trump Organization. The
concatenation below is a DNS leak of an internal configuration. 

If a machine were spamming a company, you would block it. You be would
be highly unlikely to change your internal intranet records to make
sure the connection continued.

Here we see a change to the zone from DNS by CenDyn. (CenDyn has stated that 
the host was indeed in use for "a bank" that wanted to have 
"meetings" with Alfa Bank - read those details here).


The QUERY ORIGINATOR IP is typically a recursive DNS resolver

    This query is unusual in that is merges two hostnames into
    one. It makes the most sense as a human error in inserting a new hostname in some
    dialog window, but neglected to hit the backspace to delete the
    old hostname.

    Of course, this runon hostname doesn't exist; it's just
    two hostnames run together.  Some 90 seconds later, the networks
    stopped talking about this host (at 2016-09-23T13:56:29.000Z), and
    further queries were not seen.  But the brief minute life of the
    query associates the trump-email server to a new zone: the Alfa
    Bank intranet network.
    The is
    the internal LAN of AlfaBank. Like most careful organizations, the
    bank intranet is only resolved and reachable
    via a VPN (or by being inside the Bank's network of course).  The
    internal LAN network contains ldap servers, a Microsoft Active
    Directory server, a HipChat server, a few Apple Caching Servers,
    some Microsoft Key Management Service (KMS) systems, etc. 

    The hyrbid hostname suggests that Alfa was attempting to accomodate
    the Trump host in its network.  After the 90-second "fat finger"
    event, the queries ceased as the record was corrected, and the
    targeted domain entered correctly.