If you are going to ask about Masters in Security Informatics, please contact Prof. Myers for academic issues, or one of the administrators if you have process questions.

For Economics of Information Security, you are welcome to contact me.

For Usable Security, you are welcome to contact me.

For interdisciplinary security in Software Defined Networks, please contact me, Martin Swany.

If your concern is risk communication and optimization of browsing to serve the less technical user, please do work with me and my colleague in California, Dr. James Blythe.

For Ethical Technology in the Home of Seniors, you are welcome to contact me, or an alternative contact is Prof. Kay Connelly. Kay is also the lead in Health Informatics. Contact me on research which focuses on security and privacy. If you are interested in the work on Andriod and Google Blocks, Lesa Lorenzen Huber has been both my coPI and co-instructor in that work. Of course, I am also happy to hear from you.

Lesa Lorenzen Huber is also my colleague for the work on using video for risk communication for elders.

My work on IPv6 diffusion, botnet modeling, and Ambient Trust are my own and my alumni. I am happy to speak of these or introduce you to the appropriate alumni.

And Finally Contact Information

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Use email. Or call my cell phone.


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